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Why Women's Sport?
Why Now?

The last few years have been monumental for women’s sports. 

Record crowd attendance and viewership numbers are bringing increasing investment and commercial deals to the world of women's sport, and one thing is clear: women’s sports are still on the rise.  


  • Audiences are growing

  • Visibility is growing

  • Engagement is higher

  • Commercial proposition is growing and currently undervalued, particularly sponsorship

  • Bigger audiences = more potential consumers

Align with Values

'Values influence behaviour, opinions come and go..'

  • Women's sport is providing an accessibility and humanity that brands can tap into

  • Using Storytelling: Engagement with the individual over the team

  • Women's sports showcase Personalities > Team

  • Personalities show Authenticity:
    Authenticity breeds Trust


  • It is in its nascency

  • It is its own unique product with

  • Its own unique audiences, that companies can tap into

  • Less ‘red tape’ - more creativity and ‘playful’ experimentation

  • Still has a lower cost at entry point in comparison to men’s sports

Positive differences

According to Nielsen Sports research, Women’s sports are seen as:

  • More progressive

  • More Inspiring

  • Less money-driven

  • More family-oriented

  • Cleaner than men’s sports

And for these reasons, audiences are showing a preference for brands sponsoring women's sports.

What do the experts say?

"Today, there’s never been a better time to get involved in the massive growth focused on women."
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